At Bergen County Acupuncture & Wellness our objective is for our massage patients to rave about us. Our belief is that your massage treatment starts the moment you walk into the office. We strive to make every moment in our care a fun and relaxing experience. Below you will find out what separates us from the rest.

We Promise: A full hour massage

When we say an hour massage we mean it. As long as you arrive on time for your massage appointment, you will get a full 60 minutes of attention in our office.

We Promise: No hidden fees

young woman on the therapy massage procedureWe will not “add” additional charges to your massage therapy order. We want to make sure that the payment for your massage session is easy. If you would like essential oils added to your full hour of massage just let us know. If you would like hot stones added to your massage, tell us at the start and it will be done.

We promise: Experts in the field

Our massage therapists are trained and licensed. Our hiring requirement is a minimum of two years of experience. So you will never feel like you have to train your massage therapist.

Massage Pricing

60 minute massage: $80.00

90 minute massage: $120.00

Aromatherapy and Hot Stone
included upon request

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