Springtime Acupuncture

Represented by the element wood in Chinese medicine, Spring affects the liver and gallbladder the most. Here are some reasons for why you may be experiencing these daily struggles and why you need Acupuncture to keep your body in balance this season:

  • You’re Feeling Extra Tense: When the liver is not at its best, problems like rigid posture, emotional stress, jaw clenching, and shallow breathing may become increasingly worse.
  • Headaches Are Back, Along with Other Aches & Pains: If your body isn’t flowing smoothly, you may start to struggle with stagnation-type symptoms that can include pain, pressure, stiffness or restrictions. Tension headaches may be more frequent, and menstrual cramps may worsen during this time of the year.
  • Muscles Are Stiff: If you are noticing an increase in stiffness, tightness, or tension in your muscles or joints that’s because your liver and gallbladder promote healthy connective tissue, tendons, and ligaments.
  • You Are Feeling Irritable: Liver imbalances can carry emotional symptoms causing you to feel more angry than usual
  • Digestion Is Off: When your body’s natural flow is off, digestive disturbance can occur
  • Your Eyes are Troubling You: Eye fatigue, impaired vision, pain, and dryness can all be linked to liver imbalances.

We can help you begin the spring season feeling like your best self.

Contact us below and begin your path to wellness at Bergen County Acupuncture.

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