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Myths and Misconceptions of Acupuncture

When people hear the word “acupuncture” they may think of all sorts of associations with it. Individuals who are not truly familiar or knowledgeable about the practice may not understand the realities versus the misconceptions of acupuncture. For example, some people think that acupuncture has side effects when in fact it does not have any negative results. After a session of this mode of treatment, people go on with their day as usual.

When people think of needles, they may instantaneously associate that with pain. With acupuncture needles are used; however, there is no pain as the needles are extremely fine. The only pain felt, if any, is the first tiny prick. If this is even felt, it goes away. Any other discomfort is the body’s way of healing using the energy within.

Some people may think that because it is such an old practice that it really doesn’t work. Even though acupuncture is an ancient practice, it is quite effective. Many physicians even recommend it. Studies have been conducted that prove the effectiveness of acupuncture on many illnesses and disorders. After a treatment, the brain releases endorphins to help with pain, and it helps the immune system with anti-inflammatory effects.

Acupuncture can be used in addition to other treatments for specific disorders or illnesses. People that are unfamiliar with the practice of acupuncture may believe that it interferes with other traditional treatments. This is certainly not the case; it works well and compliments other methods of treatment.
This type of treatment helps with more than painful symptoms. Acupuncture is also used to help dissipate other symptoms, such as nausea, high blood pressure, allergies, anxiety, depression, infertility, attention deficit disorder, autism, and many other disorders that are not acute illnesses.

Skeptics believe that if people get acupuncture that they will always have to have it. This is also untrue; some people receive acupuncture only once a month for chronic symptoms. Those who have it done for acute symptoms only need it a few times, as it does improve the main health issue. Also, people tend to think that if it doesn’t work the first few times that it won’t work at all. Some patients respond to acupuncture right away, and others do need more treatments as the effects build upon one another as the body is healing.

If you are considering acupuncture, but have questions about it, ask your physician, do some research, and find out if acupuncture is worth a try. More than likely, if you decide on giving it a chance, you will be satisfied with the results!

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