Does Acupuncture “Cure” Anything?

Does Acupuncture “Cure” Anything?

As an acupuncturist I cannot say that acupuncture can cure something. In fact from a legal perspective it’s disallowed, I cant say it. What I would say is that you are coming for acupuncture because your life is affected by what’s happening. So, the example is, if you have a bulging disk, you could go for many many years not having any pain with that bulging disk. The day the disk, or that situation starts to affect you is when you are going to come to me for help. So I can help you with a bulging disk in terms of reducing your pain, but I’m not going to cure your bulging disk. And the reality is that your concern is not the curing of your bulging disk, your concern is how it’s affecting your life, because maybe you like to exercise and you can’t now, or you want to pick up your 3 year old daughter and you can’t because your back is hurting. It’s not really about fixing your bulging disk, it’s about fixing how that bulging disk is affecting you.

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