Acupuncture Success Stories

Acupuncture Success Stories

had a patient – she came in for fibromyalgia – and she had fibromyalgia for seven years. By the third treatment, she was 90% done and I thought that was absolutely amazing. Another success . . . a patient came in for allergies and this was a person who always got her flu shots because she was chronically sick and always had to take allergy medication. She came to me last year, last September, and went the full season without taking any allergy medication at all. I think that’s phenomenal. Of all the acupuncture success stories, one that I actually enjoy talking about the most was a woman who came to me and she was going for fertility treatments. She was actually doing an IVF treatment and she came to me about a month and a half before the procedure and we did two treatments per week. The morning of the IVF I met her at the office and we did a treatment before and a treatment after, which is standard protocol, and she got pregnant. That was actually a real, real joy for me. And she’s having twins, which is great!

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